10 Social Media Graphics Tips That Will Totally Wow Your Followers

by Nick Bridwell

3 seconds. That’s how long you have to capture the attention of someone with your social media graphics. It’s easy to feel like pumping out as many pieces as possible is the way to go, but the true path to digital success lies in maximizing quantity and quality. We live by our own set of rules at LMH that we’ve gathered from dozens of credible sources. Here are 10 of those tips that we think will enhance your social media graphics.

1. Choose Colors Wisely

The colors you choose make a huge impact on your design. For instance, a study by Winnipeg University concluded that 90% of a person’s first impression of a product comes from the color of the product.

Use tools like Canva’s color wheel to find colors that complement one another inside of your design. Then, couple with articles like this one from The Huffington Post which explains which emotions and psychological reactions people get when they see certain colors. When you use color to your advantage, the possibilities are endless.


2. Don’t Go Font Crazy

Keeping things simple is usually a good idea in design. This is never truer than when you are dealing with typography. You should have a maximum of three fonts on any given social media image. Generally, one or two work perfectly well. When your copy BECOMES the message, you lose the cohesion of the graphic as a whole. Read up about complimentary fonts and choose one that works best for you. You can also try Fontjoy to randomly choose complementary fonts as a way to study which fonts look best together..

3. Consider the Hierarchy

If everything in your graphic is the same size, it’s impossible to discern what is most important. According to Buffer, “Hierarchy is a great social media design tip to make sure that you’re getting your most important message across first.”

What do you focus on first in the image below?

Were you immediately drawn to the phrase “Big Point”? This is just one example of how to use visual hierarchy.


4. Make a Stand With Your Brand

Hopefully, you’ve already put considerable effort into building a brand that embodies your company’s Core Values. (If not, we’re ready to chat!) If so, you want to make sure that your brand is evident in your social media graphics as well. There are certain design elements you can carry throughout your website and social media graphics that help to build a more cohesive brand and increase brand recognition. 


5. Size Matters

Each social media platform has ideal sizes for their posts. If you’ve ever come across an image on your favorite platform that looked cut off or misaligned, it’s probably because the poster did use the ideal social media size. 

There are plenty of sites online that will give you the ideal sizes, but we like Sprout’s info because they keep this page constantly updated as ideal sizes change.


6. The Ask

Not every graphic will have a call to action, but if it does you want to make that an important part of your design. Use your visual hierarchy to point to the CTA. And make sure to write impactful CTAs that will increase conversions.


7. Preview Social Media Graphics on Mobile

We can’t emphasize this enough: Any time you place a copy-based graphic into a social media graphic, you’ll want to preview it on your mobile device before you post. If you can’t read the copy, chances are nobody else can either!


8. Flat’s All That

Flat design is the biggest thing happening in 2020 across websites, graphics, and print. The flat design emphasizes minimalism, usability, and visual ease. If you want to keep your graphics on-trend it would be good to study the history and future of flat design


Implement the modern flat design approach into your graphics and do an AB test to see how well they do with your audience.


9. Know the Competition

Whether your main competitors are social media extraordinaire or totally lame, you can learn a lot from them either way. Take a look at the competition and see what they do well and how they fail. If you see that your primary competitors are putting out a lot of colorful, copy-based animations that get thousands of views, this is something you might consider. Alternatively, if you see they are putting a lot of energy and production into those animations for 1 like every 3 videos, you might need to consider another approach. Our opponents can teach us so much if we take the time to study their actions.


10. Use Your Voice in Your Graphics

Just as you want to instill your brand’s visual identity into your graphics, you want to make sure your voice is there in any copy on the graphics and in the associated captions. If you aren’t on-voice you risk confusing your audience and diminishing the hard work you’ve put into building an excellent brand.

We’ve found these 10 tips extremely helpful when creating graphics for our social media platforms. We hope they will help you as well. If you need more design tips, our team is on hand to create your graphics for you with our crack team of designers, copywriters, and social media engagers. Just reach out and let us know about your project.


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