10 Ways to Enhance Your Company Culture Under Quarantine

by Nick Bridwell

We’ve been under quarantine at LMH for over 100 days. In that time, we’ve learned a few tips about staying motivated and cohesive as a team. Take a look and let us know which ones your team enjoys using and if we missed anything.


1. Morning Zoom Meetings 

Every morning at 9am, our team gets together for a 30-minute Zoom call. We catch up on the status of projects, talk about what we have planned for the day, and discuss how to improve as a team. 

It can be hard to feel like you’re working together without putting a face to a name. That early morning Zoom call gets us all pumped to work and ready to take on the day’s projects.


2. Office Book Club

We recently started an office book club. Each month we pick out a book and discuss each chapter as we all read along. Our first book was Radical Candor and it taught us a lot about leadership and communication. 

If there’s a subject you think could benefit your team, and a book that has inspired you, encourage your team to read it together. Sure, it’s homework. But it’s not like we’re spending a lot of time away from home!


3. Core Value Shoutouts

Our business runs on core values. When we were back in the office, we’d recognize each other all of the time for doing a good job on these values. Now, we incorporate this into emails and Zoom calls. 

Not only does this encourage your team to stick to their values, but it gives credit where credit is due. It’s hard to know when you are doing a good job, so it’s awesome to have that recognition in front of the team.

Pick a team member you believe is embodying the values of your company and let them know. They’ll thank you for it.


4. Happy Hour

Every Friday, we get together for a virtual happy hour. It’s back to our friend Zoom! The only rule? We don’t talk much about work. 

Instead, we just chat like we would if we were at the bar. Everyone grabs their favorite brew or beverage from their own fridge and we sit around shooting the breeze and playing virtual games like Jackbox.tv

As important as it is to do those morning meetings to keep people excited about work, it’s just as important to relate to each other on a personal level.


5. One-on-One Calls

Group Zoom chats are great, but so are personal calls. Check in on your co-workers from time-to-time to see if there’s anything you can do to make their jobs and lives easier. 


6. Virtual Shadowing

One of the best ways to get to know your company from the ground up is to take the time to shadow someone from another department. There’s something really profound about having a holistic understanding of how things work at your business.

Example: If you’re a copywriter, take some time getting to know how your SEO and PPC team works. You’ll be able to learn things like how to incorporate keywords to make both of your jobs work in-sync. 

7. Spotify Jam Sessions

Create a private playlist for your office and let everyone share their favorite songs. Music is such a personal thing and it’s fascinating to see which songs people associate with the business. 

Plus, isn’t it just fun to jam some Beastie Boys on a random Tuesday afternoon?


8. Ask for Help


If you’re overwhelmed with your workload and need an extra hand, ask! There’s no reason to go it alone even if you are working alone at home. The team is still there to make things happen. Reach out and get some help and watch as your task list shrinks!


9. The Buddy System

Another thing we’ve started doing is The Buddy System. Everyone is randomly assigned a partner at the office and for 2-week stints they check in on each other on personal and professional goals and encourage each other to prosper.

It’s easy to let things slide without accountability, but with a friendly word of encouragement (and a fire under your rear end) things can move along a lot quicker!


10. Take a Day Off

Working from home is not relaxing. In fact, contrary to popular belief it can end up making home feel like work even when you aren’t working. It’s important to take a vacation day when you need one. Make home feel like home. That separation is important so that after a productive day you feel comfortable kicking back and relaxing.

A vacation day is a great way to clear your head and get you back to kicking ass when you clock back in.

How does your team build company culture from home? We’d love to learn more ways to build up our team. And we’ll keep sharing what we come up with. If you’d like to know more about what our team does and how we work, reach out to us and we’d be glad to share.

If you enjoyed these tips, try out 10 Ways to Thrive in a Post-Quarantine Workplace. That way you’ll be prepared for when the time comes.

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