3 Reasons Why Your Business Needs Social Media.

In the past, we were too busy socially distancing to be social. And no, the times you posted your home-workout on Instagram or shared your views on Facebook don’t count. I’m talking about using social media as a tool to grow your business. Remember those days? With everything going on globally, many businesses have put their marketing efforts on the back burner. In reality, connecting with your audience is more critical than ever.  So what’s the point? – It’s time to start promoting your business on Instagram and Facebook.  Social media is more powerful than you think. It’s one of the most versatile and cost-effective tools to use, especially for small businesses with a limited marketing budget.

Still not sold? Let’s look at some facts.

1. Your customers are indeed using social.

The claim that your demographic isn’t using social platforms is no longer a valid excuse. According to Statista, data shows that 70% of the U.S. population has at least one social network profile. This includes your grandma, great-uncle, your 11-year-old sister, the “anti-social media” social media people, and others. In a recent case study our team performed, we asked people one simple question: Why do you get on social media? These were the most common answers:

  • Feeling more connected with family and friends. 
  • Keeping up with trends in society.
  • Finding content that made them feel good, laugh, or disconnect from the outside world. 
  • Seeing new updates/posts from their favorite motivational coaches, celebrities, and more. 

With this info, we can assume that people ultimately use social platforms to be informed, connected, and educated. This brings me to my next fact. 

2. Social platforms are not just for presence, but for purpose.

Sure, you can say that most marketers back in the day pitched the idea that using Instagram and Facebook are presence tools that typically don’t have any direct ROI or monetary benefit, but having a presence was better than having none at all if you wanted a credible image. While this information is accurate, it’s incredibly outdated in its essence. Instagram and Facebook are no longer places to post about your coffee you had in Paris or a selfie of you and your crush of the day. ( Maybe only millennials will understand this one.) Social media is a direct source of information solely built for promoting products and services. Something to brainstorm is how your business can provide helpful and resourceful info to your audience. When your social media presence has a clear purpose, customers feel comfortable engaging with your brand and using your online profiles as the tools they are meant to be. The third fact is the most exciting. 

3. Advertising on social costs less and drives more traffic than other marketing initiatives.  

Wait, what? How? Social Media has the unique ability to take “nobody” to a “somebody” with just one enticing video. This happens because algorithms are built for the “viral effect.” They understand that users want to feel connected, educated, and informed, and their technology allows for anyone on the totem pole to experience popularity by allowing content to be shared, liked, and pushed in front of hundreds, thousands, and millions of people. Despite how large or small a brand may be, your content has the ability to drive a lot of traffic. 

Social media not only drives tons of traffic but does so with little cost. According to a study from Lyfe marketing, social networks are one of the only forms of media that can expose you to over 1,000 people for less than $3.00, making it extremely cost-effective compared to other media outlets. There is more to the recipe with Social Media than what you learned here today. But hopefully, you gained more insight than you had before. Another tip for capitalizing on using social is understanding your audience. Don’t worry, we wrote a blog on that too 🙂 Check it out.




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