How to Get to Celebrity Status by Enhancing Your Brand.


Celebrity Status – when your business is so synonymous with excellence in your industry that no one can ignore you and everyone admires you.

Friendly disclaimer: this isn’t a step-by-step guide on how to become a Hollywood celebrity. If we knew how to do that, we’d currently be posting this blog from Leonardo DiCaprio’s yacht. This is a guide on how to gain “celebrity status” in your industry by building a flawless brand identity.

Branding should be the very first step in building your business. Look around at businesses you enjoy and think about their brand identities. What makes them so impactful? Your brand represents who you are and how you help your customers. Elements like your logo, tagline, and core values will define your business for the rest of time. 

So how do you enhance your brand enough to be a celebrity in your industry? 

1. Know your biz, inside and out

Ask yourself questions like

“ Why should my customers choose me?”


“ What specific brand attributes make me stand out vs my competitors?”

Once you know what your customers appreciate, you can create a brand for them. What’s your differentiator? Is it your superb customer service? Unbeatable prices? Genius idea to get toilet paper back on the shelves? Never stop asking questions and you’ll never stop getting the answers you need.  

2. Appeal to the right peeps.

I once came across a video on youtube of a teenager, face covered in glitter, dancing and singing songs about ice cream. The video got millions of views! And for the life of me, I couldn’t figure out WHY.

The fact is, I am not the type of individual that was being targeted. She receives millions of views, because her entire brand targets children. She creates her content to appeal to that specific audience. It’s not about getting the attention of everyone. Know your niche, your audience, and what they want from you. Once you pinpoint your audience, make sure all your efforts go toward attracting them.

3. First impressions are everything. Make them swipe right. 

What if business was like the dating app Tinder? What if your customers made instant decisions based only on what they saw? Newsflash: This is exactly how branding works. Does your website look like it was built in 2002 by your 38 year old nephew that lives in your basement? Odds are your customers are going to have less trust upfront and take longer to close.  

You need to brand all touchpoints with your customers. And you need to do this in a high-quality way that represents all the values you want your business to portray. 

4. Keep it consistent. 

When building brand recognition, it’s important to stay consistent in all the areas of your business. This includes social channels and websites. Customers should make no mistake of what kind of customer service they are going to get. Once your customers trust you, they’ll send their family and friends your way. And they will expect them to receive the same superior experience. Consistency is essential for your long-term business success. 

We can’t promise you that following these steps will turn you into Oprah Winfrey, but they will help you become a celebrity in YOUR industry. 

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