Instagram Guides: What Are They And How Do I Use Them?

Instagram guides have emerged as a valuable tool to share and consume content. When I first researched Instagram’s latest feature to maximize the value of our client’s online presence, I quickly realized that Instagram guides are a fantastic way to further optimize the social media platform we all love. But what are Instagram guides, and how do you use them? Have no fear, your favorite digital marketing agency in Dallas is here to explain.

So, What Is An Instagram Guide?

Think of a guide as a new way to organize and share content on your page. Guides were initially available to select health and wellness advocates as a way to spread information about Covid-19. Now they’re available for everyone to use.

Guides are the love child of stories and regular posts — only they’re organizable. With an Instagram guide, you can share your posts or posts from other accounts, similar to how you can with a story. You can also add captions to help guide your audience through your unique content, similar to how you can in a regular post. If an account has a guide, it’s simple to access. Just click on the “guides” tab, and voila!

How To Create A Guide On Instagram 

To create an Instagram guide, follow these steps:

  1. Go to your profile on your favorite mobile device.
  2. Click on the “+” button in the top right corner.
  3. Click “guide.”
  4. Select the type of guide you want to create. 

3 Versions of Instagram Guides

Instagram currently offers three different versions of guides. Places, products, and posts. Let’s break down what you can do with them.


When you click on places, you’ll be able to search anywhere in the world and include photos tagged at those specific locations. Places guides are a unique way to share places you want to go or places you want to discuss.

Instagram forces you to select two different locations as opposed to two different photos at the same location. Keep this in mind while brainstorming how you want to organize yours. 


With a products guide, you can select products from your favorite companies around the world to feature. Remember that to choose a product, that account must have products available to purchase through Instagram. Also, you must feature at least two items.


Last but not least, we have posts. With a posts guide, you can share posts that you have saved or posts that you have posted on your account. For our first Instagram guide, we featured our most recent web design clients. Show your favorite digital marketing agency in Dallas some love, and check it out here! 

The new guides feature gives content creators and social media connoisseurs alike brand new ways to customize their profile and provide value to their followers. Play around with them and let us know how you decide to use them over on our Facebook or Instagram page. 

We truly appreciate you checking out our latest blog! If you’d like to learn more about utilizing social media for your business, learn how to turn customers into influencers. 

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