The Lokal Guide to Creating Horrific Halloween Graphics

by Tessa “Vampire Countess” Ward

Now that it’s October, the countdown to HALLOWEEN has started! It’s officially time to start thinking about all your horrific decorations, costumes, and of course – social media appearance. So what better way to welcome this spooky holiday than with spooky Halloween graphics? Stay tuned and let us give you some great ideas and tips for when it comes to creating Halloween posts and stories.

Whether you’re creating horrific Halloween graphics for a business, for yourself or just for fun, it can be a great time-filler that utilizes your creativity and imagination. First off, you’ll need a photo-editing app such as Canva or even just your Instagram story feature! Any website or app that allows you to search up fun stickers and colors works perfectly. Then, think about your favorite part of Halloween – is it the costumes? The decorations? The candy? Whatever it is, keep it in mind when creating your graphic.

Once you have an idea about what you’d like your graphic to be centered around, you can finally start creating! Choose a spooky photo or a plain color to put in the background as your “foundation” – make sure whatever photo or color you choose pertains to Halloween. Honestly, any picture with a spider, pumpkin or Casper the Ghost in it is perfect! If you’re choosing to stick to a solid color background, some great color schemes you could utilize are black, white, purple, and orange.

Now comes the best part (in my opinion), and that’s adding the text and stickers! If you really think about it, who doesn’t love stickers and typography? Digitally or with pen and paper, it’s just as fun either way. Whether you’re on Canva or Instagram, you have the ability to search for free images with just one or two keywords! So, depending on your graphic’s “vibe”, choose a few keywords to help you find the perfect combination of stickers! Some great keywords that I’ve found to be very helpful are: pumpkin, ghost, witch, October, Halloween, orange, candy, scary, spooky, and bat! You can even search up “sparkles” or “mist” to give your creation more dimension and flare. There are a million more that you could use but those are some of the best keywords to use for a Halloween graphic. 

When it comes to typography, choose a font that accurately depicts what you’re promoting. If you’re promoting a nearby pumpkin patch, go with a font that’s thick and easy to read – especially if you have a younger audience! If you’re promoting the month of October and the Halloween holiday, feel free to mix it up with a cursive font or a font that looks “weathered” and “broken down”. Obviously on Instagram, you don’t have a ton of options for typography, but utilizing the effects provided for you will bring your graphic up several notches! And of course, if you’d like to give your titles a more 3D look, simply copy and paste your original typing and change the color to dark purple, gray or black – then all you have to do is layer the darker title behind the lighter one.

And there you go! You have successfully created a horrific Halloween graphic that’ll spook your followers. Tag us in your creations so that we can see what you come up with for this spooky holiday. Check back next week for a blog post on the Lokal Guide to Creating Cover Stories! It’ll be a must-read. 

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