The Lokal Guide To Researching For Social Media Like A Pro 

by Trey Scales

Well, well. Look who’s back for more. You’re probably reading this for one of two reasons. Maybe you read the title and thought “Yah I could use some advice on getting started on social media.” Or, perhaps you popped in because you noticed that this blog was written by your favorite blogger. (Hi Mom). Either way, let’s get right into it. Here are a few tips for researching for social media like a pro.

In my professional opinion, researching is the most important step to getting started on social media. Regardless of what industry you’re in, you need to be aware of the major players, your clients, and what they want to see on their feed. 

Tip #1 Know what you don’t know.

It’s a good idea to have an advanced understanding of how social media works and what success looks like. The average social media user doesn’t know how to use the business features available to them. Dig deeper into the functions of your targeted social media sites and get comfortable using their advanced features. Facebook Publishing, for instance, can tell you everything from the average age of your audience to the best time to post. Becoming adept at social media doesn’t require an advanced degree, because it’s constantly changing and evolving. Instead, hop on YouTube and learn from other users about functions that work  best for you.

Tip #2 Pay attention to the competition. 

I can personally attest to the importance of this. I’ve been responsible for coming up with new ideas to post for our clients since I started as an intern at Lokal Media House in the first week of 2020. Researching your competitor’s social presence has two obvious benefits. First, your competition can be used for inspiration. The last thing you want to do is turn into a clone of them. However, taking a look at the competitor is an easy way to get a basic understanding of the type of content your clients may want to see and engage with. The second benefit brings us to our third tip…

 #3 Don’t pay too much attention to the competition.

Avoid the mistakes of your competition. More than a handful of times I’ve saved myself from posting something unworthy by simply looking around at the competition. Nobody is perfect, your competitors are bound to post something that seems odd or lacks substance. Use this as an opportunity to learn and don’t repeat their mistakes.

#4: Work smarter, not harder.

There’s an abundance of resources available to make running and organizing your social game easier on you. The first one that comes to mind for me is Buffer. Buffer allows you to schedule your social posts ahead of time so you aren’t stuck manually posting your content. Buffer even allows you to use the normal functions of Instagram posting like hashtags, locations, and first comments. There’s a long list of services similar to Buffer, a little research could save you a lot of time. 

Research topics for social media are endless. It all comes down to how much time and effort you are willing to give. As always, our team here at Lokal Media House is here to help with all of your social media, marketing, and branding needs. If this blog was helpful to you, check out some of our other blogs that are sure to get you on the right path. I don’t want to sleep on the roof again so i’m going to stop short of my word limit. Catch y’all on the flip side.

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