The Lokal Guide to Creating Captivating Social Media Stories

by Jacob Morris

Creating aesthetically appealing stories for your social media is an art form reserved only for those who have experience in design.” That’s a variation of a thought that many people have. We’re here to tell you it is totally untrue. With the Lokal Guide to Creating Social Media Stories, we’ll give you three easy steps to follow to make your social media stories look like they were done by a pro. 

The first step, as it is with any success story, is to know your goal. What do you hope to accomplish with your stories and what tone are you trying to convey? Is your brand airy and light or is it industrial and dark? By answering these questions you have a clearer aim at your targeted outcomes, and you have already increased your chances of making rad stories that fit your brand. Once you have a clear understanding of your brand identity and the goals you have for creating story covers, you can begin to create a picture of what types of designs you want in your stories. 

Next, look at templates that fit your idea. This is a huge help to those who are new to design, and there are tons of resources out there to choose from. Our favorite at Lokal Media is the free website Canva, where you’ll find hundreds of design templates premade and sized for your favorite social platforms. However, a simple google search with your brand keyword followed by the phrase “instagram story template” will come up with tons of templates that you can choose from. (An example of this search would be “industrial instagram story templates” for some exposed brick and sharp lines story design options.) Once you have your template you are onto the final stage!

The final stage is where you let your expression run wild. Once you have your template, apps like Canva allow you to copy and paste photos that you want to use into the story design. On top of that, you can add all kinds of your own elements to the story, including: animations, and set the timer for how long you want the story to run. This is the stage where you get to pump as much brand personality into your stories as you can. By inputting your brand personality into templates that reflect your brand identity, you have just created a totally unique social media story design that fits perfectly into all of your other social media content.


Creating social media stories is easy. You just need to follow these three easy simple steps:

  1. Envision what your brand’s stories would look like.
  2. Search for templates that match your brand identity
  3.  Input your own elements into the templates you found.

If you follow those steps, your social media stories will be a huge success.

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