The Lokal Guide to Google Search Vs. Rank Trackers

The words “Google Search” and “rank trackers” get thrown around a lot behind the scenes, but what do they mean and how are they different? Let’s explore Google’s SERP (search engine results page) so we can understand how it differs from ordinary rank tracking and why you might be catching different results.

Things Are About to Get Personal

Google personalizes the search based on your history and behavior. This gives you results that are customized to fit your specific search habits. This bespoke process includes taking an inventory of which websites you’ve visited, which things you’ve searched for in the past, and how you engage with different websites.

The Set Up

People search for different things in different ways. A lot of the times that involves adding our own personal filters. Or it’s as simple as searching for video, image, etc. Results ware alway going to turn up different when we use different search filters. These results usually aren’t shown in the keyword tools. So keep an eye out and turn off filters if you get a chance to.

Location, Location, Location

Google uses your IP address to identify your location. This is how you’re able to search for a sushi restaurant while you’re on vacation and find it in 10 seconds. Google search results take into account location and this is something you definitely want to consider.

Get In Sync

Google has many data centers across the globe and they all communicate and synchronize. BUT, they don’t do this instantly. Therefore, a keyword search in one location may very well yield different results than in an alternate location. Not because the data isn’t there to provide the user with the best results, but just because the data centers have yet to synch up.

Time Is On Your Side

Time is an essential factor element when it comes to updating websites andSERP, and daily checks by rank trackers. For this reason, we suggest comparing results over identical time periods to have a more comprehensive understanding of your overall impact. Just remember the other factors we spoke of also play into this as well. SERP will alternate throughout the day based on some key factors like whether people are searching for time-sensitive queries. I.E., if you own a restaurant, your keyword searches will be impacted by the times of the day that people search for restaurants.

Getting the best out of Google means adhering to its algorithms and particular way of doing things. It can get complicated, but it’s helpful to follow even a few simple rules, like these, to get ahead. Interested in more info about Google SERP? We’re happy to help. Reach out any time.


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