The Lokal Guide to Writing Social Media Captions

By Nick Bridwell

Your entire social media presence depends on two things: words and pictures. Each social media graphic gets about .5 seconds of facetime with your audience. If you’re lucky, your photo captures your target. From there, it’s all up to you words to do the heavy lifting. Here are some ways to make your social media captions count

1 Be On Brand

The first thing you must consider is your brand voice. You won’t find your doctor’s office with a caption that reads, “Yo, yo, yo, we’re digging the way you folks ain’t sneezing this year.” How does your brand voice inform your brand? Make sure you are conveying your message, and making calls to action, that are consistent with your brand.

2. Focus On Your Audience

Who is your target audience? If you’re an active retirement community hoping to leverage your social media presence to create engagement within the community, you wouldn’t want to write about the next Post Malone concert. Is it topical? You bet! Is it going to get you more elderly customers? Nope. If you can narrow your audience down to a few key demographics, you’ll be able to speak to them directly, and more effectively.

3. Provide Useful Content

When you’re creating social media captions, you have a chance to impress your customers not only with your creativity but with your knowledge. Today, people value content that gives them purpose. If they’re checking out your page and you’re a carpenter, write about the different types of tools you use, or about how to repair a cabinet. The point is that your customers will keep coming back to you for information and then you’ll have a chance to prove that you’re the guy for the job with a sweet call to action. (Reach out and meet us for any of your marketing needs!)

4. Tag the Right People, Places, and Things

I see this so often. A lot of times a social account will take time to shout out a customer or an influencer and they’ll forget to tag the person. A person is unlikely to see your post if you don’t tag them to let them know you’re speaking about them. If you want to thank TV’s Neil Patrick Harris for stopping by your golf shop and signing 100 balls for a charity round, tag @NeilPatrickHarrs (Hi, Neil!) and let him know you’re talking about him. He’s more likely to reply and/or share on Facebook/RT on Twitter. You might even score a place on his story.

5. Use the Right Tools

Think you’ve written the perfect social media post? Better double-check. Simple grammatical errors and misspellings can really zap your reputation. How can you espouse an orderly, efficient business if you can’t master the most humble art of Tweeting?

Use tools like The Hemingway Editor to trim the fat from your content. Then, use Grammarly to eliminate your basic copy errors.

6.Use the Right Hashtags

The same rules for tagging people also work for hashtags. You have to give your audience a way to find your caption. This is why it’s so important to tag relative keywords in your caption. Use tools like to research the best hashtags for your caption.

7. Support Your Graphics

Make sure your copy matches your graphics. This is super important if you are working on a team with a graphic designer. If you write a caption and they attach a picture that doesn’t match or vise-verse you could confuse or offend your audience.

If you go to tag your favorite customer on their birthday and your graphics department chooses a picture of the wrong person, that won’t look good for you or your customer.

Follow these tips and you’ll be closer to writing the perfect caption. They’ve definitely helped us get there.


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